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Psychedelic  Magic!



                                                       Welcome in my musical World!


 I done a lot of inner and physical travels ... a lot of searches, musical and life studies,   meditations, spiritual pratices, yoga......


 And today I got the understanding that the only reality outside is generate by our inner world, feelings, toughts and believings.


 I share this realization via my sounds and teatchings all over the world!


 May Magic, well being and happiness stay with us always!


 Om Namo Narayan.

twisted kala aka kalaji presskit

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Learn how to patch your modular synth and use it in your music production, or alone has instrument

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Find Tips for your own music production, or book a class to learn all the tips (sound design, processing, mix....)


Modular Synth Performance

Where to listen or book KalaJi Modular Synth Live Performance


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Psytrance Live Act

Where to listen or book Twisted Kala Psytrance Live  Set.


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High quality 24 bit audio samples packs.

Suit for your  Music Production, Videos, Videos Games, Trailers, Logos....

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Released Music  of

*Twisted Kala Psytrance

* KalaJi Modular Synth



Lycantrop Rec / Darknox Rec

Akashik Rec / Dark Rec 

Twisted Kala is karine, french. 
Her first approach to music was through classical music, experimental sounds and break beat rythms .....
She spent 10 years learning piano and classical music theory at Montpellier’s conservatory of Music in France.
She’s been producing on Cubase for the last 16 years....
Today she built her Synteziser modular DIY and create with it the sounds used in her music.
She enjoys using her sounds to embark people onto deep journeys within themselves ...She played in various places such as  Asia (India, Nepal, Thailande, Shri Lanka), Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Ireland), Russia, Switzerland, London,  Lebannon, Mexico, Brazil, Australia..... Live Act and DJSet.

She has also since 3 years a new project, played with the modular synth in standalone, without computer, called



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If you like to particpate in my project to growth Happiness in a magical musical world, you're welcome do to a donation.

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