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Feel Free to add a cooment about your experience about my Live Act Performance here:

Twisted Kala Psytrance Live Act

KalaJi Modular Synth Live Performance

Upcoming Events

* 10,11,12/04/2020:

Hesperus Pre-event _ Birthday party, Greece

* 03 to 07 Sept 2020:

Hesperus Gathering 2020, Greece

* 12/02/2021:

Elementorum Naturae - Edição AR - Especial 5 anos, Brazil

Twisted Kala Live Act

*  07/03/2020:

10º Aniversario Befaco, Barcelona, Spain

* 21/03/2020:

Dejarnos La Paz vol 2 (KalaJi Modular Live Performance), Barcelona, Spain

* 12/02/2021:

Elementorum Naturae - Edição AR - Especial 5 anos, Brazil

KalaJi Modular Synth Live Performance



-08/2019: Arjuna Psy High Barcelona, Spain


-From 10 Sept  to: Brazil Tour with 13 Bookings Agency:


Florest Festival


Boikot Festival


Earth Dance Festival


Carnival Diablos, by Darknox Rec,  Amphitheater (Near Kiato), Greece


Datura VOL 2.0 Mahashivratri Ritual, Rajasthan, India


Tamil nadu, India


Illusion Control Unit presents Project X, chennai, India



- From 22 Nov to 13 Dec 2018:


- 24 Nov ;

- 29/30 Nov:
Psychedelic Music Production workshop in Bangalore at studio 51

- 01 December:

Twisted Kala Pebbles Bangalore with Syed Sndevent!

- From 4 Dec to 7 Dec 2018:

Psychedelic Music Production Workshop with Twisted Kala, Goa

- 08 December:

Twisted Kala Live in Delhi

- 09 to 12 December:

Psychedelic Music Production Workshop with Twisted Kala in Delhi at Adapt Music Academy! 


Pellucid presents on Hallowen KalaJi/Twisted Kala, Beirut, Lebanon


Shankra Festival, Switzerland


Technicolour by Faceless Productions, Australia


Murky Marduk - Realistic Shift, Morocco




Universo Paralello , Brazil


Lost in Nature meets Radical Hippies II, Berlin, Germany


❂ Forest Soul Gathering 2017 ❂ by  by Kunayala Productions, Portugal


Karma Kusala - Anubis Groove, Herault, France

- 20/05/2017:

Blåkulla Events - Spring forest spring [TWISTED KALA LIVE], Gothenburg, Sweden


○●Brainbug Easter Special●○, Aargau, Switzerland

- 10 January to 15 Feb 2017:

Twisted Kala Indian Tour! Let's do it again! , India:

- 21 January 2017 Bangalore with Syed Snd Event.

-22 Janaury 2017 Psychedelic Music production Workshop in Bangalore
-05 Feb 2017 Pune with Karma- Digital

-08/09 feb 2017: Psychedelic Music production Workshop in Goa, India

- 03 January 2017:

Frozen Couch - Winter Stream Session, LiveStream, world



वेद Manvantara वेद - 15 de Out - Twisted KALA LIVE, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL


Psychedelic Music Production Workshop with Twisted Kala, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Psychedelic Music production Workshop, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


iLLegalDark B-day Party / Warm-Up Samadhi Parvati Festival, Brazil


HIPPYFLIP 10 YEARS , Barcelona, Spain


KaliMela Festival

- 03/06/2016:

Natural Selection, Barcelona, Spain

- 23/04/2016:

BLOOMBASTIC #003 / RELEASE PARTY - Iron Shape, Paris, France:

-26/01/2016 to 29/02/2016:

Indian Tour:

-06 March: MahaShivratri Blast-Twisted KALA 6Hrs LIVE (Open Air), Hyderabad:

-05 March 2016:
Twisted Kala live 5 hours magical experience, Munbai.

-04 March:

Shakti Night with Twisted Kala by Shivganas Entertainment, Delhi:

-21 Feb :

Goa Gil Teaser Party-Twisted Kala live-5hrs Set (Open Air), Pune:
-20 Feb:

Psychedelic Music production Workshop In Bengalore.




Psychedelic Music production workshop, Goa


Blue Moon Party, UV Bar, Goa


Sonik-Tec Academy : Psytrance Production Workshop With Twisted Kala, Mumbai

-05 Feb 2016:

Namastaye Festival, Goa



-18 to 22/01/2016:

Atman Festival 2016, Shri Lanka


Psychedelic music production workshop, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil


Universo Paralello Stage 303, Brazil




-26/09/2015: Trance Orient Express: MAGNETIKA Female Agency Night, Amsterdam, Netherland.

 -11-16 August 2015: Freedom Festival 2015, Portugal

 -30/07/2015: DjurniversE Festival, Forest of Sweden

 -11/07/2015: Twisted Kala Live in Lebannon

 -12/06/2015: Kali Mela, Barcelona, Spain

 -5-7 June 2015: Masters Of Puppets Open Air, Hungary

 -16/05/2015: Chromoz'Aum Presents : EPIC (Open-Air), France

 -15/05/2015: Brain Damage Vol.16 xxx FEMALE NOISES xxx, Vienna, Austria 


 -30/04/2015: DIMENSION X PRESENTS : PSYKOVSKY - 5 HOURS LIVE!!!, Barcelona, Spain

 -10/04/2015:  DIMENSION X presents : "CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY", Barcelona, Spain

-27/03/2015: Psychoscilation presents dark enlightenment, Barcelona, Spain (YaraKaviam, Murukhan,  Twisted Kala, Eleusis...)

 -07/03/2015: The AMAZONS II - Astrologic Prod powered by Magnetika Agency, Portugal



 -14/02/2014: Padachayo, Germany

 -13/02/2014: SELENIUM presenta CTHULHU TRIBE - The Entropy Party, Madrid, Spain

 -12/12/2014: Lupin & Twisted Kala Live @ Black Saturday, Istambul, Turkey

 -06/12/2014: Twistology V1.0 by Svadhishthana Entertainments, Chennai, India

 -05/12/2014: MUSICIANS CURSE, Liquid Sound, Ashveem, Goa, India

 -30/11/2014: Psy Family gathering, Goa, India (with Aztek Dosage, Twisted Kala, Murukhan, Ashiana....)

 - 28/11/2014: StretchNdance presents Pebble, Bangalore, India

 -21/11/2014: Fractal Mechanics, Goa, India (With Jangara Mongarra, Twisted Kala, Tersius....)

 -15/11/2014: Dream Bubble 3.0, Goa, India

 -11/10/2014: Terpsischore by Alexx Aioaska ,Montréal, Canada

 -29/08/2014: Dark Files, Mexico

-15/08/2014: Moon Gate Festival, Tribedelic Tribe, Portugal (with Kindzadza,  Twisted  Live Act...)

 -02/08/2014: Opart, Lisboa, Portugal

 - 26/07/2014: Black Moon Party, Tarragona area, Spain

 -10/07/2014: ☆Hur Gor Djur☆, Sweden (with Yara, Umber Vember, Malkavian, Twisted Kala Liv Act,  Demoniac Insomniac...)

 -06/06/2014: Mega Free Party @SOUTH EVOLUTION 2 Anos em Trance@Twisted Kala / Uphurya, Lisboa,  Portugal

 -30/05/014: Breaking Boundaries, Porto, Portugal

 -15/03/2014: Late Blossom, London, England (With Angry Luna, Noitrik, Twisted Kala Live Act, Ataro...)

 - 14 January to 04 Feb 214: Indian Tour with Chirag Shah, India:

*15 Jan 2014: Active Meditation Music presents full moon party, 9 bar, Goa, India

*18 Jan 2014: Alien Dimension presents Twisted Kala, Bangalore, India

*22 Jan 2014: Nabooo late night paradox, psychedelic gathering, Goa, India

*23 Jan 2014: Indian trance culture Shaktipath day 2, Goa, India (with Will O Wisp, Twisted Kala Live Act...)

* 25 January 2014: Jungle Madness 2, Kerala, India (With Technical Hitch, Twisted Kala Live Act...)

* 27 Ja 2014: Meta Morph, Goa, India

* 02 Feb 2014: PerenniaL SoundZ by Sonic Visionz, Bombay, Indiaombay, India

*05 Feb 2014:Kashyyyk Invasion, Goa, India (With Kashyyyk, Technical Hitch, Twisted Kala Live Act...)

*26/02/2014: Dark Side f the Moon, Goa, India (With Noitrik, Kulu, Twisted Kala Live Act...)

*27/02/2014: MahaShivratri Blast, Goa, India (With Ajja, Loose Connection, Twisted Kala Live Act, Angry Luna, Aztec Dosage...)




 -23/11/013: .oOo. Underwater Dreams .oOo., Switzerland

 -21/09/2013: Kalika, the magical story part 2, Portugal (with Psykovsky, Yara, Twisted Kala Live Act, Lab, ChozenJo...)

 -22/08/2013: Kannibalen Massaker - PAN IO PAN Kannibalen Massaker Open Air Festival, Germany (with  Kindzadza, Twisted Kala Live Act, Rinkadink, Cannibal Crow, Daksinamurti, Iken and Nono, Mademoiselle  Chaoz, Antagon, Z-Alpha...)

 -27/07/2013: Digital Way apresenta : ENCHANTED FARM, Guimares, Portugal

 - 15/06/2013: Alien Dimension presents Twisted Kala, Bangalore, India

 - 01/06/2013: Twisted Kala ( Portugal) Live in GOD'S OWN COUNTRY, Kerala, India (6h Performance, Live Act  + DJ) Set)

 -31/05/2013: Psykovsky party, Delhi, india

 - 17/05/213: Para-Delirium Events & Entertainment & Design DreamZ Present's, Delhi, India (With  Mekkanika, Twisted Kala Live Act.....) -15/05/2013: Indian tour, India

 -15/05/2013: Indian tour, India

-04/05/2013: Crystal Matrix 10th Aniversary, Portugal, with Oxidaksi, Digicult,  Twisted Kala Live Act, Talamasca, Painkiller, Orca....)

 -27/04/2013: Mistikal Presenta Yatra, Popol Vuh Rec Tour, Hermosillo, sonora, Mexico

 -20/04/2013: Red Queen Power Edition  TWISTED KALA  And MORE,  Popol Vuh and PSy Cosmic Circus,  Puebla Mexico, Mexico

 -13/04/2013: Popol Vuh & Nano Trance "Lost Paradise " , Guadalajara, Mexico

 -06/04/2013: Fucking Friendly Party Round 2, Switzerland

 -11/02/2013: Canavadelik, Subsolo,Ovar, Potugal

-01/02/2013: EarthQuake, Amnésia Prod, ALmada,  Portugal



-31/12/2012: Amanita silvester trance gathering, Innstbruck, AUtria

 -22/12/2012: FreakY Noel, Tranc'Lucid, Grenoble, France

-24/11/2012: Enchanted Ritual, Ovar, Portugal  (with Psykovsky, Twisted Kala Live Act, Lab, Hallucinoptic,ChozenJo ...)

 -17/11/2012: God has Birthday, cannibal-crew,  Kannibalen-Massaker - private Party, Germany

 -15/09/2012: Secret Tribe, Tribedelik Sounds / Portugal (With Yara, Twisted Kala Live  Act, Z-Cat, Iliuchina...)  -08/09/2012: Quantic Space presente Parallel Universe, La Rochelle, France.l Universe, La Rochelle, France.

 -17/08/2012: Noisy Radicals - Chaotic Madness / Portugal. (with Bombax, Electrypnose, Loose Connection,  Megalopsy, Twisted Kala, Fobi, Organoise, Gamba, Ataro, Chris Rich, DJ Ant, Cheryll Catawampus, Philoso...)  -04/08/2012: CUlture Clash 2012, Free and Easy Festival Part 2, Munich, Germany (with Chromatech, Twisted  Kala Live Act + DJ Set, Philoso ...)

 - 13-15/07/2012: Back to Pirates - World Poeple Festival / France. (with Atriohm, Antagon, Twisted Kala  Live Act, Ianuaria, Chromatone, Chris Rich, Syntetik Chaos, Ipotocaticac...)

 -07/07/2012: MantraTribe System 10 years, MTS Family Party, Suisse (with Karash, Torog, Twisted Kala,  Terratech, Biosynthesis, Atomental, Khidi...)

 --23/06/212: Especial S.João - PARANORMAL JUNGLE, Portugal.

 -31/05/2012: THE PARVATI GATHERING PROMO PARTY, Delhi, India. (With Samadhi, Twisted Kala,  Hydropanic)

-20/05/2012: Carbon14 | Magical Sound, Pyramids Poolside, Pune India

 -12-13/05/2012: Shiva Squad Festival, Kassol, India.  (With Psykovsky, CPU, Psychotic Micro, Twisted Kala  Live Act + DJ Set, Double  REL....)

 -05/05/212: Shiva Squad Festival Promo Party, New Delhi, India.

 - 21-23/04/2012: Montain Madness Festival / Nepal. (with E.V.P, Highko, Kaos,Twisted Kala Live Act, Arjuna,  SImiantics, Laughing Bouddha, Tristan, E-Clip.....)

 -14/04/2012: Cosmic Crew Presents: ALIEN CHAOS with TWISTED KALA (France) + MaXim (Russia) +  PsYness, Bangalore, India

 -07/04/2012: TUBORG presents "UNIVERSAL RELIGION Promo Party 2" ft. TWISTED KALA, Guwahati, India

 -1/04/2012: West End Present: Magic in the Air!, Goa, India: Sishiva, Labrini, Twisted Kala, Kulu, Karan,  Chikita

 --29/03/212: Kalika, female PsyGroove Night, Primerose, Goa, India

 -28/03/2012: Disco Valley Records Night, UV Bar, Goa

 -19/03/2012: Big Space Adventure, UV BAR, Goa, India (Live Act and DJ Set)

 -17/03/2012: ALchemy Tangra Promo Afer Party, Viva Goa, Goa, India

 -10/03/2O12: DARK MOONS - THE FEMALE REVOLUTION, Hamburg, Germany   (with DJ Corious,  Mademoiselle Chaoz, Twisted Kala...)d Kala Live Act, Djane Iken, Elektroengel....)

 -25/02/2012: Psy Manu Birsday Party Round 2, Porto Rio, Porto, Portugal.

 -1/01/2012: Rhythm of the Space, Mugla, Turkey



-31/12/2011: Psydependent day Z Cafe tipsy Bar, Istambul, Turkey

 -16/12/2011: Te Po Te Kitea Marok Birsday / Germany. ( Ender Nation Project :Kasatka and Calyptratus,  Twisted Kala, DJ Marok)

 -02/12/2011: Urban Antidote Records & Quest4Goa Apresentam:  URBAN QUEST, Coimbra, Portugal  (Sushupti, Twisted Kala, Terratech, Phototonik)

 -15/10/2011 :  Quantic Party, La Rochelle, France (Twisted Kala,  I-Logic, Anubia.....)

 -09/09/2011:  Urban Jungle Festival, Almeria, Portugal

 -22/07/2011: Trance in Boat, Zoo boat, Porto, Portugal (Twisted Kala / Lab)

 -15/07/2011:  Psyculture Festival, Greece (Orestis, Zik, Farebi Jalebi, Baba Yaga, Arjuna, Kervilin, Malice in      Wonderland, Twisted Kala, Ankur, Onkel Donkel,Papiyan, Mussy Moody....)

 -28/06/2011: SHanti tribe 2011, Paka Wala Festival, Turkey (Mubali, Athriom, Arjun)a,Twisted Kala,  Loose  -24/06/2011: Second Psyght, Strasbourg, France

 -27/05/2011:  Towel day Party, Russia ( Arjuna, Gapped, Twisted Kala....)

 -12/04/2011: Universal Religion, Montain Madness Festival, Nepal ( Orestis, Athriom, Higko, Twisted Kala,    Arjuna, Protoculture, Mad Max, Fear Killer.....)

 -28/03/2011: SHiva Moon Party, Bantai Jungle, Ko Phan Gan, Thailande

 -24/03/2011:  Bansabai, Ko phan Gan, Thailande

 -18/03/2011:  Full Moon pre Party, Ko phan Gan, Thailande

 -27/02/2011: Disco Valley Rec Night, HilTop, Goa, India (Dark Elf, Twisted Kala, Hydropanic....)

 -26/02/2011: Goabase, Goa, India (Dark Helf, Twisted Kala, Fuzulu....)

 -18/02/2011:  Hypnotics horses, West end, Goa, India (Kindzadza, Athriom, Papiyan, Twisted Kala, Giuseppe  -10/02/2011: Disco Valley Rec presents Yuki birsday, Goa, India (Dark Elf, Twisted Kala, Giueseppe Parvati  Rec...)

 -04/02/2011: Twist Loundge, Bombay, India

-16/01/2011: Liquid sky , Goa , India (Gu, Jahbo, Twisted Kala,  Flipknot...)

 -05/01/211: Psy adventurous Presents: Enter to the Void , Bungy Jumping, Anjuna, Goa, India ( Samadhi, Twisted Kala, Kerosene Club, Fuzulu, Chikita, Yashar...)

 -31/12/2010:  SYSTEM HACK 2011 , treasure island, Hyderabad , India ( Psykovsky, Twisted Kala,  Dj corious)


* 2010 :

 -29/12/2010: Psy Adventurous Presents: Tricks Of Freaks, Bunging jumping, Anjuna, Goa, India (Mubali,  Twisted Kala, Samadhi, Fuzuu, Karran, Yashar...)

 -26/12/2010: U.V BAR, Goa, India (Mubali, Twisted Kala, Karran....)

 -24/12/2010: Diving High, Blue Waves, Morjim, Goa, India ( Mubali, Twisted Kala,  Kerosene Club,  Samadhi,    Gu....)

 -21/12/2010: West end, Goa, India ( Mubali, Twisted Kala, Aghori Tantrik, Liquidator...)

 -18/11/2010: Mandala Project Festival, Orissa, India ( Mubali, Twisted Kala,  Samadhi....)

 -07/11/2010: Lounge Koregon, Pune, India

 -06/11/2010: Mantra entertainment, Bengalore, India

 -23/10/2010:  Spirit of Gaia - Treasure Island, Hyderabad, India

 -15/10/2010: Divine Blast Festival, Goa, India ( Fuzulu, Twisted Kala, Kerosene Club....)

 -25/09/2010: Kerala forest, India

-18/09/2010: Atomic Chaos, Goa, India ( Egnogra, Twisted Kala, Kerosene Club.....).  

 -13/08/2010: Dark Friday, Freak Out Pro, Moscow, Russia

 -25/06/2010: Shanti Tribe Festival, Turkey (Dark Elf, Teo disco valley rec, Twisted Kala,  Shawnodese mind funk, fractal error....)

 -29/05/2010: Psyculture presents.... Tessaloniki, Greece (mussy moody, Twisted Kala,  Labrini....)  -30/04/2010: 'Touch pas à ma Teuf', Nix Nox Boat, Paris, France ( Digital talk, Twisted Kala....)  

KalaJi Modular Synth Live Performance 10 years anniversary of Befaco, Barcelona, 07 March 2020




Dejarnos La Paz (KalaJi Modular Live Performance), Barcelona, Spain


Modular Synth Synthesis and Patching Workshop, Barcelona, Spain


A Dive in the core of modular synthesis and music production workshop (2nd edition), Barcelona, Spain


A Dive in the core of modular synthesis and music production workshop, Barcelona, Spain


Annoying Beatz Crew & Day of the Droids, Barcelona, Spain


- 17/10/2018:

KalaJi Modular Set at "10th Suck Puck x Terror birthday", Annoying Beatz Crew, Barcelona Spain


Pellucid presents on Hallowen KalaJi/Twisted Kala, Beirut, Lebanon

- 8 Sept 2018:

KalaJi Modular set Modular Cafe Barcelona, Sala Apolo, Barcelona Spain

- 11/08/2018:

Kalaji Modular set at "Break Em All" / Annoying Beatz Crew/ Barcelona Spain


Matics & Apolo presentan: Summer Funlab 18, Barcelona, Spain

Modular Show with Modular Cafe Barcelona.


Annoying Beatz Bestival 2018, Barcelona Spain



Modular Cafe Barcelona, Phase Uno: Endorphines' space oppening, Barcelona, Spain


Skunkdalo / Modular Haze: evento modular, Barcelona

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