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Music Production

Music production online classes


Come to learn the basics of the sound design, that you can use then with any virtual instrument.

If you understand how to use each element of a synth to create a sound from scratch you'll be then abble to do any kind of sound you like.

Twisted Kala Samples Pack Free Download
Tips to Download
Sound Hack: Cool Free V.S.T.
Built your own Modular Synthetiser DIY Befaco

TOÏ DOÏ's Plugins - Æthersound

Binaural free VST

Exclusive Twisted Kala Samples Shop

High Quality Audio Samples Pack, Psychedelic, music production, trailers, audio for videos, Twisted kala

Psychedelic Music Production Workshop by Twisted Kala at Sonik Tec Academy Mumbai 2016 level 1 and 2

 More videos in my Psychedelic Music production Youtube Channel:



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Final mix of an electronic

track tutorial Pdf to download

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You can purchase the followings classes.

Price: 5 euros for 2 classes of 20 or 30 mn

Class 1 (Free class)

VCV Rack First steps:
- Difference betwenn VSTs and VCV Rack and modular synth.
- First simple patch with VCV Rac: create a sound from scratch.
- How to get sound in standalone (without Trigg)
- Analyse and description of all the elements to create the sound:
VCO (Overview of an oscillator and the different waves) / VCA / VCF (HP and LP, also used as VCA) /
Mixer / LFO.
- Create our first psychedelic sound.

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Class 2 M1:

* Add Delay
* trig with LFO
* Overview basics rampage

* Rampage on resonnance filter

Class 2 M2:

Patch 2:

* Osc to filter HP to IN VCA
* LFO (Trig) to envelope to CV VCA
* LFO2 modulate Freq filter
* Trig LFO1 reset LFO2

Class 3 M1 / M2

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Class 4 M1 / M2

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